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Gunuo Tianjin Industrial Co.,Ltd.
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Value & Culture
• Customer First
  Success will be measured by customer's satisfaction.
  Customer contains external and internal ones. 
• Quality is Life
  There is nothing best but better.
  The best achievement today is the lowest standard for tomorrow.
  Perfection is always our pursuit. 
• Efficiency 
  Our goal: high efficiency, complete and fast response to customers' questions. 
• Innovation
  Passion of innovation is our priceless wealth. 
  Be logically and consequently attentive on the right thing. 
• Team Work
  Team work helps to achieve both individual and team goals.
• Credit
  Build trust and respect to individuals and customers.
• Share and Learn
  The best learning way is to teach.
  Do not let your partner loose.
  Openness and sharing help team grow and success. 
  Executive Value - 4R Management System
  Define what will be the expected result, unexpected risks and alternatives. 
• Responsible
  It is GNS who will responsible for the result. 
• Review
  Supervision and reminding timely.
• Reward
  Award the success and punish the failure.